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A quick guide to the two basic documentation systems in the Chicago Manual of Style: (1) notes and bibliography (used in literature, history, and the arts) and (2) author-date (used in the physical, natural, and social sciences). Consult the Chicago Manual of Style about issues not addressed here. · From the 16th edition of the (University of) Chicago Manual of Style: 6. (MLA stands for Modern Language Association. edition of the Chicago Manual of Style. The Chicago Manual of Style, section 6. Visit “How to Insert Nonbreaking Spaces in Microsoft Word” to learn how to create a nonbreaking space between a word and an ampersand. Please send me a note if any oversight makes you twitch.

Some style guides (APA) recommend using the ampersand here while others (Chicago Manual of Style and The MLA Style Manual) write out “and. In general, you should maintain those ampersands when citing such sources in reference lists, footnotes, endnotes, and bibliographies. Turabian’s Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and.

” The history of the ampersand dates back to 63 B. For the full manual, visit Chicago Manual of Style. books, periodicals, etc. Ampersands are also a natural for logo designs and signature lines. " (Chicago Manual of Style, 17th. When coauthors share the same last name (and may even be family), do still cite each name in full:. Titles of longer works (e.

See full list on natureofwriting. Style provides guidelines for publication in some of the social sciences and natural & physical sciences, but most commonly in the humanities—literature, history, and the arts. Some typefaces have more than one ampersand as part of their standard character set.

Chicago Manual of Style Check pagination, italics, and capitalization throughout For author-date style, ensure “and” is used rather than ampersand, and that References page is labeled correctly. Using ampersands as shorthand for and in sentences is too casual for formal writing. The Chicago Manual of Style, currently in its 16th edition, was created to help researchers properly cite their sources. Ampersands may be subtle in text copy, but they are not invisible.

For more detailed information see Chicago Manual of Style, 1 5. 5 million copies sold! See examples in the left navigation. , books) are italicized whereas shorter works (e. For any work that has four or more authors (or editors), use the abbreviation et al.

If you’re using the Chicago Manual of Style (17thed. 21 Omitting serial commas before ampersands. In writing, a space ( ) is a blank area that separates chicago manual of style ampersand words, sentences, syllables (in syllabification) and other written or printed glyphs (characters). Their common purpose is to ensure consistency—one style from start to finish. For more than ten years, the internationally oriented Daimler Art Collection has committed itself to presenting and promoting South African artists. Rooted in the Latin “et” (meaning “and”), the ampersand is a ligature composed from the letters “e” and “t”. As of their 16th and 8th editions, Chicago and Turabian style guides include the same rules for citations and bibliographies. The Turabian manual, which is based on The Chicago Manual of Style, is used by students in history and the arts and other subjects in the humanities and social sciences.

If you are writing legal documents, consult legal guidebooks for correct usage. · In a printed work, if a URL has to be broken at the end of a line, the break should be after a colon or a double slash (//); before a single slash (/), a tilde (~), a period, a comma, a hyphen, an underline (_), a question mark, a number sign, or a percent symbol; or before or after an equals sign or ampersand. The exception is if the question mark of exclamation mark is in quotation marks (the third example): Note also how in the first example the Latin species name is in roman font (see below) and how in the last example the dates are separated by a comma. .

Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation(book by Lynne Truss) Important Note to Legal Writers:Legal writing includes a few additional exceptions to ampersand usage that are beyond the scope of this post. Like ranging numbers, big ampersands in a line of lowercase letters can stand out too much, disrupting the flow of the eye across chicago manual of style ampersand a page. · Clio’s Scroll The Chicago Manual of Style: A Concise Guide 2 of 16 Abbreviations and omissible parts of a publisher’s name In notes and bibliography, an initial “The” is omitted from a publisher’s name, as are such abbreviations as Inc. When a URL is too long to fit on one line, create a break where there is punctuation (period, slash, dash); do not add a hyphen to the URL. chicago Instead, spell out andunless an ampersand is officially part of a name, abbreviation, initialism, or title. 31,253 likes · 50 talking about this. Today, however, the ampersand has relatively limited uses. ~ ~ ~ Carol Saller’s books include The Subversive Copy Editor and the young adult novel Eddie’s War.

¶ It is the indispensable reference for writers, editors, proofreaders, indexers, copywriters, designers, and publishers, informing the editorial canon with sound, definitive advice. should be used only for works with more than ten authors. There are two exceptions, however. When an ampersand is used instead of the word and (as in company names), the.

The Chicago Manual of Style, the indispensable reference for all. The Chicago Manual of Style concurs with the AP on that point. Because the Associated Press stylebook is not indexed and the manual for Chicago style covers title style in several sections (intermixed with name style and capitalization style), some title styles may have been inadvertently omitted due to oblivion on my part. In such cases you can cite the first six or seven and then add the abbreviation. They become part of the design element. Some publishers and organizations insist on written works following the rules in CMOS, but that is only a rule of those organizations, not a rule of the English language.

Take the ampersand from the Sabon® Italic typeface and use it to spice up copy set in the New Century Schoolbook® typeface, or mix a very ornate ampersand from a design like Vivaldi™ with words set in the Classic Grotesque™ typeface. Gordon College style is to simplify as much as possible. after the first name in your footnote By contrast, in your bibliography et al. ), and you have a question about how to cite a particular part of a source (title, author, publisher, etc. The word “ampersand” itself is an alteration of “et per se and,” which became corrupted to “and per se and”, and finally “ampersand. Traditionally, those in the humanities and social sciences (including history) use the Documentary-Note Style, and those in the sciences use the Author-Date System. If a line break appears within a name containing an ampersand, ensure that the break occurs after the ampersand. Headlines with a selectively placed ampersand can also be more effective than just words.

The Chicago Manual of Style doesn’t even address ampersands, except to say that it’s OK to spell them out at your own discretion, and the Associated Press Stylebookexplicitly bans the ampersand from anything but a proper name or an abbreviation like “B&B” for “bed and breakfast. Other style guides may have different rules and guidelines. Chicago Manual of Style) explicitly rule against spaces in acronyms, as points out, they are only style guides - there is no absolute rule in play unless your commissioning editor requires adherence to such. Both give you an ampersand at a more moderate size. · Why use it? Chicago style is synonymous with Turabian, named chicago manual of style ampersand for Kate L. Quotations within Titles. In the final bibliography, the author’s name is inverted: For multiple authors, invert only the first author’s name (and insert “and” before the last): Also, try list the authors in the order they appear on the title page (even though this isn’t the alphabetical order).

Ampersands frequently appear in the titles of books, periodicals, and creative works. Creating Your Citations in Chicago Style As mentioned, when you&39;re following The Chicago Manual of Style, you&39;ll be required to create a list of all sources used in your paper. Another good thing about ampersands is that they’re gregarious. They can attract and hold the reader’s attention better than the “words only” variety of headlines. Also note that although at least some style guides (incl.

) or exclamation mark (! The information below is a general overview of the rules of Chicago Style citation. The first five items are true/false statements, and the last five ask you to judge whether the example does or does not follow Chicago style. · In citations when the source has more than one author, use an ampersand to connect the last two (Smith, Greene & Jones, ). For general guidelines on citing electronic sources, consult The Chicago Manual of Style, sections 14. Both & and £ (short for libra pound). Summary: This section contains information on The Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) method of document formatting and citation.

Just Right: The CEO and the CFO have a meeting on Wednesday. following a name. * A printer&39;s term for the characters & and æ, originally forms of Latin et (and), as in Gilbert & Sullivan. Turabian, the original author of A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations. ), don’t add the colon.

You can find Carol online at Twitter and at www. For more information about the parts of an entry discussed here, please see sections 14. These contribute to a direct, easy-to-read style. Just to be clear, the Chicago Manual of Style is not some kind of official authority over the English language. Fair & Square(album by John Prine) 1. , articles) are placed in italics: Note also that the capitalization is headline-style, which means that important words are capitalized, but words like articles (a, the) and prepositions (in, over, etc.

chicago manual of style ampersand If your title is in quotation marks, and it makes mention of another title, use single quotation marks within double quotation marks:. This is a guideline that may assist you in formatting basic citations for the 16. Further Reading: How to Use a Colon.

If you use more than one style in a single piece, readers may notice the change and distraction would be the inevitable result. Citation rules for electronic sources appear under the relevant source types (e. Chicago Style established in 1906. The solution is to use the small cap version of the ampersand in text, or try using the next heavier weight, if it is not too dramatic a change, and downsize it to approximately the lowercase x-height. Try a free 30-day trial of The Chicago Manual of Style Online or Scientific Style and Format Online.

84 (authors), 14. However, consult your preferred style guide for further guidance because recommendations do vary between guides. .

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